The successful German involvement in Formula 1, the return of BMW to the German Touring Car Masters, and comprehensive reporting on television and in the print media have turned motorsports into a premium sports brand. The interest in young driver series such as Kart racing, formula BMW Talent Cup, and the ADAC Formula Masters is growing at the same time. Vitality, prestige, technology, but also speed and passion are some of the positive arguments associated with motorsports. The sponsoring options for Arlind Hoti are flexible and can also be contractually bound according to your requirements.

Potential Services in a Partnership between Advertising and Media In addition to the typical advertising spaces on overalls, vehicles, equipment, and the like, we also offer a marketing system which puts your logo in the media. Countless reports on the team drivers in the print media (including cover pages) and on TV, in the internet, at trade shows, etc., speak for themselves.

Events & Experiences We can turn the topic of motorsports into an unforgettable experience for your customers, employees, etc. Use the impressive racetrack atmosphere in our VIP area for active customer retention or to motivate your employees.

Sport to create Image Sport sponsoring creates a positive image and can be linked effectively to attributes of your products or services. Arlind and his team are also available to support your events, trade shows, and the like.

Direct Sales Direct sales or the presentation of your products and services at racing events, trade shows, etc. is also possible. In the paddock, a specific target group of consumers is concentrated in a small space. The demand for many types of goods and services in the immediate vicinity of such events is large.