Name: Arlind Hoti
Date of birth: 20.07.1998
Place of birth: Mannheim
Asterisk: Krebs
Parents: Mentor & Lendita Hoti
Hobbys: motorsports, videogames, swimming
First race in karting: 2008 Kerpen
Role models: Michael & Ralf Schumacher

I was born on 20th July 1998 at Mannheim. My parents Lendita and Mentor Hoti originate from the Kosovo, but were both born and raised at Mannheim as well. At the age of four I started playing soccer at the SV Waldhof Bambini with great enthusiasm. At the age of five my dad took me to indoor karting and let me drive just for fun. But after that, I got addicted on karting and my dad had to bring my back again and again.

At the age of eight I got my driving license for indoor karting and I could set a few new lap time records. The owner of the Power Car Motodrom – Max Utech – convinced my dad to help me starting a career in motorsports. Said and done! With FK Motorsport Klinck I experienced my first outdoor session and was pretty nervous, as I wanted to be as good as possible.

After this, Mr. Klinck invited me practising at Hahn and Kerpen and I finally joined his Bambini squad. In 2008 I got my first own Lenzokart and I raced at ADAC Kart Masters, DMV and WAKC. Since 2009 I am driving Tony Kart at the KSM (Kaiser – Schumacher – Muchow) team and we have lots of fun and a really good time together. Whenever I am not sitting in my kart, you can find me at Phoenix Mannheim, as playing soccer is still one of my most favourite passions and a good compensation for karting.