19. December 2012
I wish all friends, partners and sponsors a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013
17. October 2012
With his splendid final performance, KSM Racing driver Arlind Hoti has managed to capture the vice champion title in the German Junior Kart Championship. A ...
24. September 2012
ADAC Kart Masters 2012Wackersdorf, 23.09.2012MJS_4016.JPG
Wackersdorf, 23.09.2012: The large season finale of the ADAC Kart Masters was held in Wackersdorf last weekend. The event came to a worthy conclusion with ...
10. September 2012
ADAC Kart MastersDettenheim, 19.08.2012MJS_4889.JPG
Just like in Ampfing, the second-last race for the German Kart Championship in Hahn was a proverbially hot undertaking. With midsummer temperatures, DJKM participant Arlind ...
18. July 2012
ADAC Kart MastersDettenheim, 15.07.2012MJS_5455.JPG
With this win in the first finals race, the Kart sport junior Arlind Hoti managed his breakthrough in the German racing series with the most ...